Regional Police Academy Schedules Classes

The Regional Police Academy has scheduled classes for “Crime Scene Core Course” and “Criminal Drug Interdiction Techniques and Concealment Locations”.
Crime Scene Core Course:
When:  November 18-21 (32 hours)
Location: Police Academy.

Criminal Drug Interdiction Techniques and Concealment Locations:
About: The Regional Police Academy will host this class provided by Public Agency Training Council (PATC) January 6-8, 2014.  No cost to agencies in the academy’s service region but enrollment is limited to 30 for them.   Those outside the Jefferson/Hardin/Orange county region may register directly with PATC.  Class is 20 hours in duration.  Length of Seminar: 2.5 Days.  Instructor: Greg Goltz

Course Overview: Students will see firsthand how Criminal patrol techniques can yield large and small drug and other type arrests from traffic stops and other legal contacts with people of society regardless of age, sex, race, gender or any other class or designation.  These students will learn about the growing number of drugs they may see in their area and how to battle them.  The students will learn how to put these legal techniques into place with these types of contacts after completing the class.

Upon Completion:  Each student will have been provided the instruction to:

  • Learn the History of contraband saturation into the U.S. and how over time the trends and patterns have shifted
  • Identify legal traffic stops
  • Identify the conversational questions and concealed interviews during the encounter
  • Identifying indicators
  • Detect that some terrorists networks are tied to drugs and how to stop them
  • Requesting Consent legally
  • Identifying search and seizure laws especially search incident to arrest, probable cause, consent and other legal techniques
  • Properly using K-9’s and the case law pertaining to their deployments
  • Identify how be more officer safety conscious
  • How actual search techniques should escalate
  •  Locating hidden contraband in very sophisticated compartments
  • Identify Cover loads
  • What to do after criminal activity or contraband is located
  • Documenting  these arrests properly
  • How Controlled deliveries can develop into more arrests and the perks with them
  • Recognize Escort/Decoy Vehicles and the awareness with them needed
  • Identify Currency seizure procedures and how they benefit your agency….AND MORE


Students will learn the incredible advanced concealment places in land vehicles that smugglers and other people involved with drugs hide the drugs, weapons and currency.

Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC

Director/Regional Police Academy
Lamar Institute of Technology
(409) 880-8022
Providing Quality Law Enforcement Training Since 1968


Groves Fire Department Open House

The Groves Fire Department will host an open house from 6:00am to 8:00pm on Tuesday october 9th, 2013.  For more information please CLICK HERE

Regional Police Academy schedules “Legal Update” for next cycle

I have scheduled the following legal updates:
October 4, 9am – noon
October 14, 9am-noon; 1pm-4pm  (2 sessions)
October 18, 9am – noon
Space is limited and enrollment will be on a first come/first enrolled basis.   I will conduct more but this is what I have for the moment.   This is the only mandated course for the two year period of 9/1/2013 thru 8/31/2015.
Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC
Director/Regional Police Academy
(409) 880-8022
Providing Quality Law Enforcement Training Since 1968

New Training Dates Announced

  • September 17-19, Basic FTO, Police Academy classroom
  • September 25 – 27,  Spanish Core Course, Police Academy classroom
  • October 22-24, Arrest Search & Seizure Core Course, Police Academy classroom
  • October 29 – 31, Narcotic’s Officer Survival Course, Police Academy classroom  (call me directly about registering for this one)

Call the academy at 409 880-8022 to register.  Once registered please be sure to confirm with an email to Karen Gordon at

Beaumont Police Department Sponsoring Public Seminar September 24, 2014

On September 24, 2013 at noon, the Beaumont Police Department and ATF are sponsoring a brief public seminar regarding Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Recognition and Bomb Threat Management. This session will be held at Ford Park.  Then at 3PM, following the classroom portion of the course, there will be a live explosive demonstration, providing the opportunity for the participants to see and feel the signature effects of various commercial and military explosives. This will be conducted at the City of Beaumont Landfill, located a short distance away at 4900 Lafin Rd/ off Fannett Hwy.

With the number of bomb threats increasing as well as the potentiality for explosions, it benefits your organization and your employees to be able to identify suspicious packages and know recommended procedures for dealing with bomb threats. It is hoped that Businesses, Industry, government employees and officials, as well as Media take the time to attend. This is a FREE seminar and demonstration, and Jefferson County is throwing in Cookies and Coffee.

Again, the event will start at 12PM at Ford Park, 5115 IH10 S, and then move to the Beaumont Landfill, 5895 Lafin Dr at 3 PM. The demonstration should be concluded before 5 PM. No RSVP is required. Please help get the word out to applicable officials and try to solicit key staff to attend.

Training/Exercises for September 2013 to January 2014

The SCNA Training and Education Chairman has posted the training and Excersise events for Sebtember 2013 to January 2014.

Fall/Winter 2013-2014 SNCA/SETXRPC Upcoming Training Events





TML Course – Are We Following the Rules

9-10 1-4pm

Port Arthur CC

M. Free

TML Course – Vehicle Operations for Fire & EMS

9-11  8am-12pm

PN Hebert Lib


TML Course – Are We Following the Rules

9-11  1-4pm

PN Hebert Lib


TML Course – Vehicle Operations for Fire & EMS

9-12 8am-12pm

Port Arthur CC

M. Free

ICS 300/400

Sept 17-19

Orange Co EOC

F. Walters

PER-211 Medical Management for CBRNE Events

Nov 13-14

Orange Co EOC

F. Walters

G361 Flood Fight

Nov 18-20

Beaumont EOC

T. O

G-627 Residential Damage Assessment &                       G-628 Infrastructure Damage Assessment

Dec 11th

Orange Co EOC

F. Walters

PER240 WMD Radiological/Nuclear Responder Operations

Jan 28-30

Beaumont EOC


Training Excercises




DSHS facilitated SNS POD exercises in various jurisdictions -  See your DHS reps for exact dates.

Oct 31 – Nov 2



USCG Tabletop Exercise (followup from the Radiological exercises at the Ports last November)

Nov 4-5

USCG MSU Port Arthur

J. Hansen

Post Blast Investigative Techniques Course, September 24th-27th 2013

The Beaumont Police Department will host a Post Blast Investigative Techniques Course taught by the ATF and the HPD Bomb Squad.  This course is designed for local and federal law enforcement investigators that would respond to reported explosive devices or suspicious packages and/or crimes scenes after an actual incident.  The course is limited to thirty-six students and most of the local agencies will be allotted at least one slot.  TCLEOSE credit will be awarded for successful completion of the course.  Only submit names for those in your agency that would actually be required to respond to and investigate these types of matters along with their title and responsibilities.

Topics Covered:
Introduction to Explosives
Bomb Technology & IED’s
Explosive Demonstrations
Post Blast Scene Investigations
IED Component Recognition
Device Reconstruction
Explosive Canines
Practical Exercises

Date of Course:
September 24 – September 27
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Course Location:
         Beaumont Police Department Firearms Training Facility
4955 Lafin Road
Beaumont, Texas

Equipment Required:
Rubber boots
Inclement weather gear.
Safety glasses.


Registration & Questions:
                   Sgt. Candice Cox, Beaumont P.D.

Det. Sgt. Bobby Anderson, Beaumont P.D.


Asset Forfeiture/Racial Profiling/ID Theft, August 26, 2013

The Regional Police Academy has scheduled the class “Asset Forfeiture/Racial Profiling/ID Theft”. The Regional Police Academy will present the above mentioned course on Monday, August 26, 8am – 6pm (9 hours training credit).    If you have further questions, call toll free at (800) 848-2088.

Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigator Course

The Beaumont Police Department will host a “Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigator Course”  on August 26-28, 2013.  If you have further questions, call toll free at (800) 848-2088 or click Here for Details

REGIONAL POLICE ACADEMY Schedules Courses for August

  1. Special Investigative Topics – August 14th, 8-5, Police Academy
  2. CIT Update – August 16th, 8-5, Police Academy
  3. For Supervisors, I have scheduled the following class to be held at the LIT Police Academy on Tuesday, August 6th. I need you to identify folks to attend. Andy Kessler will be the instructor. Thanks, Chief

The purpose of the ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training) program is to provide University law enforcement officers with all of the tools necessary in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse among college students.
The ADAPT program has been developed under the guidance of law enforcement officers, the Texas Department of Transportation, campus law enforcement officers and staff from the Texas Municipal Police Association.

Training Topics Include:
DWI Enforcement on Campus
Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
Alcohol and Drug Abuse by College Students
Counterfeit Identification
Other Relevant Challenges Facing Law Enforcement on Campus

Officers who attend and successfully complete the course are eligible for 8 hours of TCLEOSE credit (#6017 Reducing Impaired Driving Adult/Youth).

Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC

Director/Regional Police Academy

(409) 880-8022


Chief Jason Goodrich

Lamar University Police Department

Beaumont, Texas

(409) 880-8305