Description:Meeting Date:Meeting Location:Meeting Time:Minutes
January MinutesJanuary 9, 2019Courville's10:03AMMeeting Minutes
January Meeting AttachmentsJanuary 9, 2019 Lamar IT LetterThank you Letter
January Meeting AttachmentsJanuary 9, 2019Meeting SponsorAir Evac LifeteamAir Evac Lifeteam
January Meeting AttachmentsJanuary 9, 20192020 Golf TournamentDownload Flyer
January Meeting AttachmentsJanuary 9, 2019Meeting Roster and Sign-inSign-in, Roster, Voting Count
February MinutesFebruary 6, 2019Rockin A Cafe10:00AMMeeting Minutes
March MinutesMarch 6, 2019Rockin A Cafe10:00AMMeeting Minutes
April MinutesApril 3, 2019Rockin A Cafe10:06AMMeeting Minutes
May MinutesMay 1, 2019Courville's10:00AMMeeting Minutes
June MinutesJune 5, 2019Orange County Expo Center10:00AMMeeting Minutes
June Meeting AttachmentsJune 5, 2019Meeting Roster and Sign-inMeeting Sign-in/Roster
June Meeting AttachmentsJune 5, 2019 Lamar IT LetterLamar IT Letter
July MinutesJuly 3, 2019Robert's Meat Market10:15AMMeeting Minutes
August MinutesAugust 7, 2019Rockin A Cafe10:17AMMeeting Minutes
September MinutesSeptember 4, 2019Roadair Roadhouse10:18AMMeeting Minutes
October MinutesOctober 2, 2019Rockin A Cafe10:18AMMeeting Minutes
November MinutesNovember 6, 2019Courville's10:11AMMeeting Minutes
December MinutesDecember 4, 2019Rockin A Cafe10:11AMMeeting Minutes


2018 Minutes

Description:Meeting Date:Meeting Location:Meeting Time:Minutes:
January MinutesJanuary 3rd, 2018Rodair Roadhouse10:11AMMinutes
1st Quarter Board MeetingJanuary 18th, 2018The Schooner11:08AMMinutes
February MinutesFebruary 7th, 2018Rodair Roadhouse10:13AMMinutes
March MinutesMarch 7th, 2018Rockin' A Cafe10:13AMMinutes
April MinutesApril 4th, 2018LIT Multi-Purpose Center10:07AMMinutes
2nd Quarter Board MeetingApril 11th, 2018Beaumont EOC11:12AMMinutes
May MinutesMay 2nd, 2018Rockin' A Cafe10:20AMMinutes
June MinutesJune 6th, 2018Rockin' A Cafe10:15AMMinutes
July MinutesJuly 11th, 2018Rockin' A Cafe10:15AMMinutes
August MinutesAugust 1st, 2018Big Rich Cafe10:14AMMinutes
September MinutesSeptember 5th, 2018Rockin' A Cafe10:14AMMinutes

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