How To Join

MEMBERSHIP: Six Step Process

Thanks for considering membership in the Sabine-Neches Chief’s Association (SNCA). Joining is relatively easy even though it is a six (6)-step process.

  1. Prospective members must complete a “Letter of Request” for membership into the SNCA, which includes the types of response equipment and staffing capabilities available outside of their facility. NOTE: Prospective members are not required to have response capabilities to become a member of the SNCA. The response capabilities are used to identify what classification of membership the prospective member qualifies for.
  2. The prospective member must obtain a “letter of sponsorship” from a member in good standing to submit with the letter of request. The prospective member then submits both letters to the Secretary/Treasurer at:

Sabine-Neches Chief’s Association
c/o Secretary/Treasurer
P.O. Box 2257
Nederland, TX 77627-8257

  1. After the Secretary/Treasurer receives the two (2) required and completed letters above, there will be one (1) reading to the voting membership. This starts the approval process.
  2. The two letters will be presented to the Board of Directors to determine the class of membership and then vote for/against recommendation of approval to the voting membership.
  3. Upon Board approval and giving their recommendation at the next regular meeting, the request for membership will be brought back to the voting members for a final vote of approval.
  4. Once approved by the voting membership, an invoice for dues will be sent to the new member. Full membership is contingent on completion of the SNCA database information (A login and password will be issued by the Secretary/Treasurer); and receipt of payment of SNCA dues.  The prospective member must complete both items within 60 days of the date of SNCA dues invoice.  Memberships run from January 1 to December 31 each year.

Please refer to the SNCA Website at to find current copies of the Constitution, By-Laws, Strategic Plan, and Operations Guides.


Sabine-Neches Chief’s Association