Strategic Plan

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Revised 3-2-2016


Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association:  “Working together to protect Southeast Texas”






 Chiefs’ Association



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Organized Feb. 9, 1949



Working together to protect Southeast Texas






Strategic Plan

March 2016







A note from the President of the Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association



I am pleased to disseminate the Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association (SNCA) Strategic Plan for 2016.  We are very proud of the long history of the organization and our Strategic Plan.  We are an organization dedicated to protecting the citizens of Southeast Texas. Whether we are from government, private business, or nonprofit organizations, the members of the SNCA are constantly working to improve the response and recovery capability of the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast area. 


Some might wonder why the SNCA or any organization would need to publish a Strategic Plan.  Strategy development is the way an organization prepares for the future.  Strategic Planning is challenging since it requires the organization to take an honest, open look at itself, where it has been and determine where it is headed.  The advantage of developing a Strategic Plan is that it provides the decisions and actions that shape and guide the organization and where it is headed.  


The 2016 plan was developed and drafted by reviewing the 2013 plan and updating it to reflect needed changes.  We are currently on track with the plan and it will be re-evaluated and updated biennially to insure continuous improvement.   This will be done in the beginning terms of the New President serving in 2 year increments.


Dale Jackson

President, Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association  


SNCA Patch clear.gifTo be the premier mutual aid organization serving the community by innovative achievement of the highest level of awareness through preparedness, prevention, response and recovery actions. 


Our Mission:


The Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association (SNCA) is a team of public and private entities working together to protect the standard of life and resources of the community through teamwork, integrity and preparedness.


Our Values:


Teamwork:  Working together to maximize the use of mutual aid and member resources.


Integrity:  Striving to professionally and ethically protect life and resources.


Preparedness:  Working together to enhance information, network, and promote innovative training for the continual improvement of response capability.


A brief history


The Texas City disaster gave impetus to the founding of the Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association. Many area fire and emergency personnel had seen this destruction first-hand. They moved quickly to convince city, county and industry officials of the immediate need for an organized disaster plan to prevent the massive loss of life and property that had occurred at Texas City. 

On February 9, 1949, a group of representatives from local fire departments and industry met for the purpose of organizing a mutual aid organization. At this first meeting, the Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association was formed. In the beginning, one of the largest obstacles facing this group was forming a plan which would not only meet the needs of the community, but would also satisfy the interest of all parties involved. As a direct result of this commitment and willingness on the part of each of the 100-plus members that made up the Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association, a mutual aid plan was unanimously endorsed. The emergency assistance plan formed over 60 years ago is continually updated to meet the changing times and the Association maintains a constant state of preparedness. 

Over the years the Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association has continually broadened its membership and is inclusive of government agencies, industrial manufacturing facilities, public utilities, public health administrations, emergency medical organizations, community service organizations, public for profit/non-profit entities, vendor sales companies and honorary members. 

Guiding Documents:  


  • Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association Constitution

  • Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association By-laws

  • Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association Operational Procedures and Attachments

  • Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association Strategic Plan


Strategic Objective:  To unite, and have available as a resource, member governmental agencies, industrial manufacturing facilities, public utilities, pipeline companies, petroleum/chemical storage facilities, public for-profit/not-for profit entities, community service organization, vendor/sales companies and for-profit providers of contractual services for mutual aid assistance and preparedness for response to all hazards.


Action Items:


Monthly meetings and special events


  • Conduct monthly meetings (normally on the first Wednesday of the month) with speakers, presentations and training from Federal, State, Local Government, and Industry Representatives that promotes the knowledge of potential hazards and emergency operations in the field of emergency response.


  • Conduct three Strategic Planning meetings each year – one meeting in each of the three Counties in the SNCA area of membership.


  • Ensure meeting programs continue to be of a broad and varied nature so as to be of interest and value across the membership spectrum.  Publish future meeting locations, sponsor and presentation topic on the SNCA web page. Sponsor to give company/entity overview to the membership at introduction. (Program Committee)


  • Periodically give a presentation on a response to a major event or activity in the history of the SNCA.  (Programs Committee) 


  • Continue annual Bosses Night, advertise early and often, encourage all members to invite their boss.  Distribute informational flyer early.  (Bosses Night Committee)


  • Hold an annual SNCA Golf Tournament, advertise early and often.  Have a sign up table available at SNCA meeting prior to the tournament.  Advertise on the web, at the golf course, and in the paper.  (Golf Committee, Public Relations Committee) 


  • Annually hold an administrative meeting dedicated to try to get a representative from each membership to this meeting to encourage continued participation, complete the annual survey, pay dues, and hand out new editions of the constitution. This may be incorporated to a Strategic planning meeting. (Programs Committee) 







  • To solidify and enhance support and knowledge of the SNCA at the management level, give a presentation at the Plant Manager’s Forum on the SNCA.  Hold one meeting a year designed for elected officials, media and Plant Managers to show the benefits of SNCA.  Utilize the April Strategic planning meeting in this capacity.  The April meeting may have strategic planning action items on the agenda. The standing meeting agenda should include a “mid-year” report/organization update.  Members can extend the invite to their Bosses/Council. In addition, we will invite media to this meeting.  (BOD: Public Relations Committee, Program Committee) 


  • Distribute promotional materials to “get the word out” about the SNCA.  Promotional materials include tri-fold pamphlet, video/DVD and PowerPoint presentation for potential new members and for members to use to educate others on the SNCA.  (Membership Committee) 


  • Encourage long-standing members to occasionally bring a junior member of their organization to a SNCA meeting to introduce him/her to the members and allow the junior member to learn about the SNCA.  (Membership Committee)


  • Consider expanding SNCA’s interaction at the State level to include consideration of the benefits of having SNCA representation on the inter/intra state mutual aid association.  (Other ways to expand beyond region for networking & mutual aid) (BOD)


  • Maintain a SNCA cooperative relationship with local LEPC’s and the Area Maritime Security Committee by minute sharing.  (Secretary/treasurer) 




  • Continue to proactively recruit appropriate new members.  Make SNCA tri-fold pamphlet available to all members as a force-multiplying recruiting tool.  Invite school district management to attend a SNCA meeting and consider joining.  Continue to expand existing sections of SNCA such as increasing Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Health, and Industry, Public Works, schools, ISD’s, TxDot, EMC’s.   (Membership Committee)  

  • Advertise the website on all publications and news announcements to encourage membership and educate those who are interested.  (Membership Committee, Public Relations Committee)


  • Review the SNCA Constitution, By-laws and Operational Procedures annually, at a minimum.  Draft recommended changes and submit to the Board of Directors for their review.  (Constitution and By-laws Committee) 




  • Develop an SNCA budget  improve business literacy and include the 501(c)4 (Treasurer)


Strategic Objective:  To continually improve professionalism, response capability and readiness across and between the membership organizations.  Serve as a forum to share information on upcoming training and exercise opportunities. 


Action Items:




  • Maintain a SNCA web page ( that contains pertinent information including meeting minutes, calendar of events, training opportunities, Constitution and By-Laws, history, lessons learned, best practices, contact information, inventory in protected area, etc.  (Web/communications)


  • Maintain a SNCA sponsored web page called “Southeast Texas Info” ( ) for the South East Texas residents in Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange Counties to inform citizens of incident status during large scale or catastrophic emergency operations. 


  • Maintain a SNCA sponsored data base ( ) for Emergency Management planners to maintain, coordinate, and facilitate agency contact information & transportation needs during large scale or catastrophic event evacuations for South East Texas residents in Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange Counties.


  • Maintain an email address accessible to all SNCA members to communicate to the membership important issues and/or response information.


  • Continue upgrading the South East Texas Regional Radio System (SETRRS) in the region to comply with the highly recommended goal of the State of Texas to reach full P25 capability.  In order to achieve the P25 capability, the region, which includes Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange Counties, must finish upgrading and/or replacing subscriber units to P25, replacing repeaters at tower sites to P25, adding infrastructure to strengthen coverage needed for P25, and finally upgrading main site infrastructure to P25.  The region has to be completely P25 compliant before the region can flip the switch on the SETRRS to be full P25 compliant and operational.  In addition, the SNCA renews its commitment to encourage Industry to tie into the SETRRS 800MHz infrastructure and/or programming subscriber units to maintain the regions current Interoperability capabilities.   (Communications Committee)


  • Review Communications Guidelines to ensure procedures remain up-to-date.  (Communications Committee)


  • Conduct a weekly radio test to all entities to ensure SETRRS is operational throughout the three county area. (Communications Committee)


Drills, Exercises, Training and Education


  • Announce upcoming training and education opportunities at monthly meetings and post on the website.  (Training and Education & website Committees)


  • Maintain a SNCA Drill schedule that identifies drills and exercises that members of the SNCA will participate in for the next year.  (Drills and Exercises, Website Committees)


  • Coordinate SNCA participation in appropriate State of Texas exercises.  (Drills and Exercises Committee)


  • Review the After Action/Lessons Learned Report from exercises.  Identify and prioritize action items for the SNCA.  (Drills and Exercises Committee) 


  • Identify specific member NIMS/ICS training needs, locate appropriate sources, post information on the web page and announce at monthly meeting.  (Training and Education, website Committees)


  • Investigate feasibility to become Supplement Environmental Projects (SEP) administrator (Ad Hoc SEP Committee) of the pilot program.




  • Maintain Incident Command organization and address SNCA’s contribution to the staffing for Incident Management Team.  (Incident Management Team Committee) 


  • Promote offerings of NIMS courses, to include 300, 400 & position specific ICS courses.


  • Maintain the SNCA Incident Management Team list, coordinate training & credentialing.  (Incident Management Committee)


  • Conduct After-Action Reviews of SNCA responses (e.g., Fire and Hurricanes) and develop recommendations for improvements.   (Training & exercise Committee)   


  • Maintain the Sabine Neches Chiefs Association members contacts information, Inventory, and radio capability.  (Communications/Inventory Committee)   



Strategic Objective:

To promote awareness through preparedness, prevention in the community at large through our member organizations


Action Items:

  • Ensure meeting programs continue to be of a broad and varied nature so as to be of interest and value across the membership spectrum.  Publish future meeting locations, sponsor and presentation topic on the SNCA web page. Sponsor to give company/entity overview to the membership at introduction. (Program Committee)


  • Periodically give a presentation on a response to a major event or activity in the history of the SNCA.  (Programs Committee) 


  • Continue annual Bosses Night, advertise early and often, encourage all members to invite their boss.  Distribute informational flyer early.  (Bosses Night Committee)


  • Annually hold an administrative meeting dedicated to try to get a representative from each membership to this meeting to encourage continued participation, complete the annual survey, pay dues, and hand out new editions of the constitution. This may be incorporated to a Strategic planning meeting. (Programs Committee) 


  • Support or participate in community educational events geared toward awareness, preparedness or prevention. On an annual basis, solicit member recommendations for sponsorship donations.


Revised 3-2-2016


Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association:  “Working together to protect Southeast Texas”



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