IMT – Liaison Officer Position Specific Course, October 26 & 27th, 2011




For those on the Golden Triangle AHIMT, this class is real important. This position, the Situation Unit Leader, and the Resource Unit Leader are the three most common needs and utilization positions, particularly for regional and statewide deployments. As a result, all IMT personnel are requested to have these task books opened and get the position specific training when available- in addition to your primary task book.

This course is for those assigned to manage liaison units or functions.

This course opened yesterday, so we are hoping to get as many people registered that really need to go as we can, before the slots start filling up from outside the region or by people just wanting the opportunity. If you don’t have an account on, then please create one since you will likely need it for other courses as well as this one. The sooner you can register the better. It is scheduled at our EOC from 0800 to 1700 both days. Just copy the following link into your browser which will take you right to the course. You can submit it without adding a copy of all your prerequisite course certificates like it says to do based on the Honor System with Jay Hall.

Jay Hall and another District Coordinator are going to be able to teach our first position specific course in this region. I was hoping those we have slated for liaison positions would attend.

Your support and quick registration would be greatly appreciated.