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Celebrating 70 years of service to the Southeast Texas region



P.O. Box 2257
Nederland, Texas 77627
Phone:(409) 769-8294
Fax:(409) 769-2359
Web Site:
24-Hour Activation Phone:


The Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association (SNCA) strives to be the premier mutual aid organization serving the South East Texas community by innovative achievement of the highest level of awareness through preparedness, prevention, response and recovery actions.


The SNCA is a team of public and private entities working together to protect the standard of life and resources of the community through teamwork, integrity and preparedness.


Teamwork: Working together to maximize the use of mutual aid and member resources.

Integrity: Striving to professionally and ethically protect life and resources.

Preparedness: Working together to enhance information, network, and promote innovative training for the continual improvement of response capability.








Last updated: 19 August 2019

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