Beaumont PD and JTTF - Hosting Chemical Industry Outreach Workshop

The Chemical Industry Outreach Workshop (CIOW) is a one day class sponsored by the FBI and is currently scheduled for 17 June, 2015.  The first half of the day will be in a classroom setting at the Beaumont Civic Center, 701 Main, Beaumont, Texas. The second half of the day will consist of explosive demonstrations at the Beaumont Landfill- dead end of Lafin Dr, off Fannett Road.  This workshop has no cap for attendance.  Please use your internal and external notification groups to help maximize the outreach and encourage attendance. We will facilitate TCOLE credit and a certificate of attendance for those desiring one. RSVPs can be made to

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Annual Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association Bosses Night & Awards Ceremony






On December 1, 2014, the Sabine Neches Chiefs’ Association held its Annual Bosses Night at the Groves Activity Center.  This annual dinner is an opportunity for members to show their appreciation to their Boss’s and for the organization to recognize those outstanding within their membership.


This year, four awards were presented on the behalf of The Sabine Neches Chiefs’ Association as follows:


Community Service Award - “Presented to a member who has provided leadership, guidance, facilities, equipment, or support to an Emergency Response Program, a Community, or the Profession in the furtherance of emergency response activities”.


Presented to:

-Chief Larry Richard


Outstanding Member Award – “Presented to a member in recognition of exemplary performance relating to emergency management, emergency response, or emergency related duties or program administration”


Presented to:

– Sgt Aleta Cappen

– Stephanie Valka-Garsea


Distinguished Service  Award Presented to the outgoing President of the organization.

Presented to:

-John Owens – 2 terms

SNCA Training Director Submits Schedule For 1st Half of 2015

SNCA/SETX Available Regional Training
January-June 2015
These courses are be offered and coordinated locally contact the POC for additional information:
Course Title Training Location Delivery Date(s) POC
EMT-Course Hampshire VFD 1/12/15 Start Date
  1. Hansen
Skywarn Jefferson County Commissioner’s Court Chamber 1/13/15 6pm
  1. Saunders
AMTRAK Emergency Response Training Beaumont EOC 1/13/15-1/15/15          Two classes daily starting at 8am & 1pm
  1. Grimes
Entergy Substation ESD #3 China VFD Fire Station 1/13/15 6pm
  1. Saunders
NFA/TEEX Incident Safety Officer Course Port Arthur Civic Center 02/28/15-03/01/15
  1. Free
The following courses are available for registration on
Course # Course Title Training Location Delivery Date(s)
PER-240 WMD Radiological/Nuclear Responder Operations Beaumont EOC 700 Orleans St, 2nd Floor Beaumont, TX 77701 01/27/2015-01/29/2015
G-235A Advanced Emergency Planning Orange Co Orange, TX 77630 02/10/2015-02/11/2015
H-200 HazMat First Responder Operations City of Beaumont 700 Orleans St. 2nd Floor Beaumont, TX 77701 02/24/2015-02/25/2015
E/L-954 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Safety Officer Course (SOFR) Beaumont EOC 700 Orleans St, 2nd Floor Beaumont, TX 77701 03/02/2015-03/05/2015
G-288 G-288 Donations Management Course Beaumont Beaumont, TX 77701 03/17/2015-03/18/2015
G-324 HURREVAC City of Beaumont Beaumont, TX 77701 3/24/2015
G-363 Hurricane Readiness for Coastal Communities City of Beaumont Beaumont, TX 77701 04/14/2015-04/15/2015
E/L-964 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Situation Unit Leader (SITL) Course Orange County EOC 11475 FM 1442 Orange, TX 77630 05/04/2015-05/07/2015
G-290/G289/G291 Basic Public Information Officer Course/Public Information Officer Awareness Course/JIS/JIC Planning for Tribal, State, and Local PIOs City of Beaumont Beaumont, TX 77701 05/19/2015-05/21/2015
G-200 G-200 Texas Public Officials Workshop TBD Beaumont, TX 77702 5/26/2015
G-235A Advanced Emergency Planning City of Beaumont Beaumont, TX 77701 06/23/2015-06/24/2015
All courses are subject to seat availability and cancellation. Please contact the POC an/or refer to for the latest information.
This table will be updated as new information becomes available.

Police Academy Hosting 3183 Legal Update

December 16, 9am-noon, Regional Police Academy classroom.
Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC
Director/Regional Police Academy
Lamar Institute of Technology
(409) 880-8022

Providing Quality Law Enforcement Training Since 1968

LIT offers a Cell Phone and Data Recovery Course ($295)

The Regional Academy will host the following cell phone/data recovery course.  Payment and registration are through the provider (see the attachment).


Cell Phone and Data Recovery for Law Enforcement –

January 7-8, 2015.   802 East Lavaca, MPC Building, Room 252.  This class is NOT FREE for the Region.  Please be sure to register with and pay the provider.


Select here for registration


Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC

Director/Regional Police Academy

Lamar Institute of Technology

(409) 880-8022


SNCA Training Chairman posts more training for close of 2014 & beginning 2015


Tim Ocnaschek advised a number of courses have been posted to the website and are on Preparing Texas.Org.

  1. Orange County is hosting a Public Officials Workshop on November 19.
  2. Beaumont is hosting a Disaster Recovery Course on November 20 (that is a combination of the residential and infrastructure assessment courses previously taught, with added recovery information and less duplication of information in a less than one day format).
  3. Additionally, look for Staging Manager Course-Bmt EOC Dec 3-4;
  4. Radiological Operations Bmt EOC Jan 27-29;
  5. ICS 300 & 400 Feb 24-26;
  6. MGT 346 EOC Ops for All Hazard Events- Orange Co EOC Feb 16-20;
  7. L954 Safety Officer Course- Orange Co EOC March 2-6;

SNCA Training Chairman posts IT - Police Academy Hosting Courses for Fall 2014


Course Number Class Name Location Dates
G-361 Flood Fight Operations Orange Co EOC 11475 E SH 1442 Orange, TX 77630 10/20/2014-10/22/2014
E/L-970 NIMS ICS All Hazards Supply Unit Leaders (SPUL) Course Beaumont EOC 700 Orleans St, 2nd Floor Beaumont, TX 77701 11/04/2014-11/06/2014
G-200 G-200 Texas Public Officials Workshop Orange Co EOC 11475 E SH 1442 Orange, TX 77630 11/19/2014
G-608 Disaster Recovery Workshop Beaumont EOC 700 Orleans 2nd Floor Beaumont, TX 77701 11/20/2014
STAM Staging Area Manager Beaumont EOC 700 Orleans St, 2nd Floor Beaumont, TX 77701 12/03/2014-12/04/2014
G-318 Local Mitigation Planning Workshop Orange Co EOC 11475 E SH 1442 Orange, TX 77630 12/15/2014-12/17/2014

















TCEQ Hosting LE Only – Environmental Course

Subject: SETEC Task Force – Environmental Crimes Training for Law Enforcement (One Day training block).  We are lining up some training for Environmental Crimes for Law Enforcement.  Feel free to pass along to other SETEC Task Force Members – Certified Peace Officers only.

The date will be October 06, 2014 from 9am to 4:30pm at the Beaumont, TCEQ Office located at 3870 Eastex Fwy, Beaumont, TX 77703.

We hope to have approval for TCLOESE Credit in the next week or so.  Please respond and advise who you will be attending.

The training will be 9am  to 12 noon – Criminal Provisions of Environmental Law and related crimes – presented by Harris County ADA, Roger Haseman.

Lunch 12 noon to 1 pm
1pm to 4pm – Environmental Crimes 101 – presented by EPA CID SA Andrea Abat and TCEQ Criminal Investigator Edward Rutland
4pm to 4:30 – wrap up/questions/conclude.


Gary Porter
Special Agent – EPA CID

Houston Resident Office
1919 Smith Street, Suite 925
Houston, Texas 77002
W 713-209-4896
C 713-245-6825

LIT - Police Academy Hosting Courses in September & October 2014

The following classes are scheduled:

3183 Mandated Legal Update     September 30, 9am – noon, 3 hours, Police Academy classroom

Beyond the Cones  October 1, 8 hours, Police Academy classroom

Most officers, commanders, and risk managers view the police crash as “the cost of doing business” and an anticipated cost of a departmental budget. However, crashes and “traffic incidents” are more than numbers on a page and line-items on a spreadsheet. Officers are killed and seriously injured every day in and around their squad cars. Beyond the Cones examines these phenomenon from both a financial and human perspective. It focuses on solutions to reduce deaths, injuries, and the high cost of property damage.

Topics addressed, include but are not limited to:

  • the historical view of police involved crashes
  • personal injury consequences
  • financial restraints
  • the ultimate sacrifice
  • outdated vehicle operation training curriculum
  • Code 1 or “non-emergency driving.”
  • patrol investigational driving
  • observational driving
  • intersection clearing
  • backing, parking, squad positioning
  • non-emergency lane use
  • police related distractions
  • the value of seat belts

Spanish Core Course            October 13th – 15th, 24 hours, Police Academy classroom

Arrest, Search & Seizure Core Course   December 1st – 3rd,24 hours, Police Academy classroom


Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC

Director/Regional Police Academy

Lamar Institute of Technology

(409) 880-8022


Providing Quality Law Enforcement Training Since 1968


LIT & BPD Hosting Course in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

The following classes are scheduled:
Child Abuse Core Course                 9/22 through 9/24            B. P. D. training room,     24 hours

Firearms Instructor Course            10/6 through 10/9 (4 – 10 hour days),        B. P. D. Range House, 40 hours

Use of Force Core Course 10/29 through 10/30,      Police Academy, 16 hours

Basic F. T. O. Course             11/17 through 11/20, (4 — 10 hour days)  Police Academy, 40 hours

Advanced FTO Course        1/13 through 1/15, 2015 Police Academy, 24 hours. This class is conducted by nationally renowned instructor Neal Troutman. Excellent course.

Caliber Press Street Survival course      5/11 through 5/12, 2015, Police Academy building, 16 hours

Patrol Tactics (instructed by Ray DeCunto), 5/20 through 5/22, 2015, Beaumont Police Department Range House, 24 hours. Many of you have attended courses taught by Ray, either the Street Survival course, his Narcotics Officers Tactics course or the Patrol Tactics course he taught here in March of 2014. Excellent hands on course.

I’m still working on scheduling the following core courses: Arrest, Search, and Seizure; Spanish; and Crime Scene. Hopefully I will have them nailed down in the next week or two.

Call Karen to confirm space is available, then e-mail her to reserve your seat. Some classes have limited space. The number for Karen is 409 — 880 — 8022.
Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC
Director/Regional Police Academy
Lamar Institute of Technology
(409) 880-8022

Providing Quality Law Enforcement Training Since 1968