The SNCA Training and Education Chairman Submitted the Following Schedule for 2017

Upcoming Training Courses Dates         Location         Registration Method
H-302 Haz-Mat Refresher         1/18/2017 BPD Range
G-200 TX Public Official Wrkshp 1/25/2017 PAPD
E/L 969 NIMS ICS All-Hazards IMT Type III – COML Course 2/7-9/2017 BMT EOC
H-200 First Responder Operations         2/8-9/2017 BPD Range
G-300 (ICS300) Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents 2/28-3/2/2017 BMT EOC
G-400 (ICS400) Advanced ICS, Command and General Staff 3/2-3/2017 BMT EOC
MGT-414 Advance Critical Infrastructure Protection 3/8/2017 BMT EOC
G235-A Advanced Emergency Planning 4/12-13/2017 BMT EOC
Upcoming Conferences Dates Location Registration
Marty Martinez AHIMT Training Conference 2/7-8/2017 Kerrville, TX
EMAT Symposium 3/5-8/2017 San Marcos, TX
National Hurricane Conference 4/17-20/2017 New Orleans, LA
Texas Emergency Management Conference 5/16-19/2017 San Antonio, TX TBD
Upcoming Exercises Dates Location  
TDEM – Hurricane Charlie-Evacuation Exercise 6/7-9/2016 TDEM Region 2