Beaumont Emergency Management schedules Radiological PER240 Course

Beaumont Emergency Management has scheduled the Radiological PER240 Course for January 29 – 31, 2013 (24 Hours) at the Beaumont EOC.

I have been putting the DOE contractor training coordinator off for over a month now regarding the student participation in this class. I know it’s the holiday and vacation season, but can ya’ll send me an indication by the end of THIS WEEK as to who (or at least how many slots) might come to this class. This is the Operations level course and I attached a course flyer. You can see that there is a quick and easy prerequisite students need to take before then, but this is the first Operations level course since Jan 2011, so we are hoping for a good turnout. Please advise. And if you can send out the invite to your respective email groups, I would appreciate it as well. This course (PER-240) is on PreparingTexas.Org, but I know registering there may take a little time, so sending names for now will give us an idea.

Thanks much, Tim O.