City of Beaumont is hosting G-363 Hurricane Readiness in April

The City of Beaumont is host for the G-363 Hurricane Readiness for Coastal Communities on April 14, 2015-April 15, 2015. The class will be at the Beaumont EOC, located at 700 Orleans in Beaumont, Texas. There is still several seats available for the course, and anyone interested in taking it is welcome. Just log on to to register. The course description and information is listed below. For additional information you may contact Shaqueena Nobles at 409-980-7285 or Tim Ocnaschek at 409-980-7275.

Course Description

G-363 – Hurricane Readiness for Coastal Communities

This course is designed to assist state and local emergency management personnel in planning for and responding to the hurricane threat. The course provides the student with a basic understanding of hurricane hazards and forecasting, acquaints the student with available planning and decision-making tools, and details local planning issues and preparation efforts to be considered prior to and after a hurricane.

Target Audience:
State and local emergency management personnel from areas that are at risk from hurricanes.

How this course is offered:

Individuals can register below for class deliveries offered in Austin. A jurisdiction may request that it be conducted locally by coordinating verbally in advance with the appropriate RLO and then submit a written request to TDEM via the form here.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
None, but completion of Emergency Planning (G-235) would be helpful.

No tuition is charged.