East Texas Regional Web EOC Work Shop

The online registration is now open for the East Texas Regional WebEOC Workshop scheduled for March 20th – 21st 2012 @ Pitser Garrison Civic Center – Lufkin Texas.  Registration fee is $100. Credit cards are accepted (paypal account not required), or you may print an invoice and submit with a check from your agency.  Registration can be made from either www.detrac.org or www.netrac.org

East Texas Regional WEBEOC  WORKSHOP

  • Target Audience
  • Emergency Management Coordinators
  • Hospital Physicians and Nurses
  • Hospital Administration
  • EMS Providers
  • Fire Department Personnel
  • Law Enforcement Personnel, DPS Troopers
  • Public Health Workers
  • EOC, MACC, MOC, and DDC Staff
  • Public Works, Electrical & Natural Gas Providers



8 Hour CIT Update on February 20, 2012 @ Regional Police Academy, Beaumont – No Fee, hours 8 to 5