LIT & BPD Hosting Course in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

The following classes are scheduled:
Child Abuse Core Course                 9/22 through 9/24            B. P. D. training room,     24 hours

Firearms Instructor Course            10/6 through 10/9 (4 – 10 hour days),        B. P. D. Range House, 40 hours

Use of Force Core Course 10/29 through 10/30,      Police Academy, 16 hours

Basic F. T. O. Course             11/17 through 11/20, (4 — 10 hour days)  Police Academy, 40 hours

Advanced FTO Course        1/13 through 1/15, 2015 Police Academy, 24 hours. This class is conducted by nationally renowned instructor Neal Troutman. Excellent course.

Caliber Press Street Survival course      5/11 through 5/12, 2015, Police Academy building, 16 hours

Patrol Tactics (instructed by Ray DeCunto), 5/20 through 5/22, 2015, Beaumont Police Department Range House, 24 hours. Many of you have attended courses taught by Ray, either the Street Survival course, his Narcotics Officers Tactics course or the Patrol Tactics course he taught here in March of 2014. Excellent hands on course.

I’m still working on scheduling the following core courses: Arrest, Search, and Seizure; Spanish; and Crime Scene. Hopefully I will have them nailed down in the next week or two.

Call Karen to confirm space is available, then e-mail her to reserve your seat. Some classes have limited space. The number for Karen is 409 — 880 — 8022.
Gary Duncan   MPA,  LCC
Director/Regional Police Academy
Lamar Institute of Technology
(409) 880-8022

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