Member Urged To Update Database

The SNCA Communications Committee Chairman urges members to update Database


To All,

Please take a few minutes to review your agency’s contact information, radio capability and add your agency’s inventory.

STEP 1:  Go To The SNCA Web Site:

STEP 2:  Select “MEMBERS: DATABASE LOGIN” on left column under Next Meeting Box.

STEP 3:  Login – If you do not have or remember your Login, contact Pat Grimes at (409) 504-3743

STEP 4:  Follow instructions below:

Only add the equipment that would be available to other agencies in the event of a Regional Emergency. It is understood that all or some of the equipment listed might not be available for a regional incident due to your agency’s current status.

Agency Contact update instructions

Once you log in to your account, put your cursor over Inventory which is at the top of the page. Select Update Agency Info, then Edit, update your agency’s information. Please remember to pull down the window on select member type and add the appropriate member type. If you need to add additional contacts, use the Add Contact feature which is located under the Submit button.  A notes area is available for additional information. Click on submit when you are finished updating your record.


If no information has changed from your agency’s contacts, please click on the submit button once you have reviewed your data so that your last update will show this year’s date.

Radio Capability Instructions

Under Inventory, select Radio Capability.  If your agency has the talk group or frequency, select YES .YES and NO will toggle back and forth as desired.

Inventory Entry Instructions 

Hold your cursor over Inventory and then select add inventory. To the right of Inventory type, pull down the window, you will see all your equipment choices. Choose the one that pertains to your agency. Once you choose it, click the submit button at the bottom. Pull down the windows and enter your information. If you need to comment on something that was not covered in the pull downs, just add the information in the comments. Once you are finished, click the submit button.

Please email me if additional values need to be added to the pull downs.

Thanks, Pat Grimes, SNCA Communications Committee Chair – (409) 504-3743